Friday, March 18, 2011

Digital Sketchbook Page 3: What Will it Look Like in Fabric?

Fields drawn in Art Studio
The IPad has given me another way to design my quilts. As I work out compositions in the Art Studio app, I'm reminded that everything I draw has to become fabric somehow.  Ohhhhhhh the possibilities!
detail of Orchards, Fields, and Streams
Converting from sketch to cloth is challenging. You have to give up the idea that everything in the sketch has to be exactly replicated in fabric. Fabric is it's own medium with it's own wonderful qualities. Think of the sketch as a tool to help you create the quilt just like your iron, scissors, or sewing machine. Then run out and buy a new sewing machine! You'll feel much better.


deborah said...

amazing artwork!
you crack me up:)

FryeStyle said...

Cool app. How fun!

WoolenSails said...

I love how you do the backgrounds. I realize I should have done that with my last piece, would have been fun to go wild.


Candyce said...

Laura is it the Art Studio app by lucky clan? Candy