Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Four Reasons to See the Visions Art Quilt Museum

Good fortune drew me to San Diego this week. After teaching the delightful and talented students at the Canyon Quilt Guild I had some really interesting food with even more interesting companions. But a highlight of the trip was a visit to the Visions Art Quilt Museum. Here is why you need to visit this museum too.
  • The Museum houses gallery space especially designed for the viewing of art quilts. Gallery lighting and spacing of art is thoughtful, allowing you to experience the pieces up close and at a distance.
  • Art work by Dominie Nash and Jeanne Lyons Butler is on exhibit through July 16, 2011. Although they have contrasting styles, their work actually compliments each other. Their show, aptly named Counterpoint, will enthrall you with the bold shapes and textural color of Dominie's work and calm you with the tranquil and clean collage-like constructions by Jeanne.
  • Helpful staff (see above) welcome you to the gallery. There's a primo fiber oriented gift show too. I purchased a small piece by Ms. Dominie and am pleased to add it to my growing art quilt collection.
  • This museum is a haven for the art quilt community. Join the Visions Art Museum today. Love it from afar, as I do, and receive informative newsletters and invitations to exhibit. Or visit the gallery in person and discuss the exhibits with friends at one of the many local restaurants within easy walking distance. I recommend the tuna sandwich at the Tin Fish.


YankeeQuilter said...

My stepson just moved to San Diego so I'm putting the name of this museum into my travel folder...thanks!

WoolenSails said...

I doubt I will ever go to California, lol.
It looks like a great place to visit though and see a collection of art quilts in one place.


Frannie said...

I agree, it looks like a wonderful place to visit. My sister is an avid quilter. I will have to give her the information.