Tuesday, March 08, 2011

How to Tuesday: Got Glue? Why You Need WU WU

Fuser that is also older than dirt.
Fusible web has been around longer than dirt! Remember Stitch Witchery for hemming trousers? Remember trousers? Used to glue or fuse 2 pieces of fabric together, fusible web is a dry glue activated by the heat of a iron and comes in a variety of weights and sizes.

How to pick the best fusible web for your project. Without naming names, there are several brands of fusible web to avoid if you are making fused art quilts. Some brands are like plastic and sink into the fabric staining it. Some are bulky, have a tackiness that picks up fibers, or gum up your needle when stitching. These brands have their uses but are not for the fabrics we use when making quilts.
Don't worry. The iron's not actually plugged in.
Instead, I can highly recommend Wonder Under #805, Soft Fuse, and for light weight fabrics, Misty Fuse,
Wonder Under #805 (affectionately called WU WU) comes with release paper and is the right weight for assembling your fused art quilts. After steam setting, it stitches like butter (not that I often stitch butter).

If you are a confirmed fuser, check out Soft Fuse. It's 37" wide! Purchase it online or directly from Stacy Michell at a quilt show. And light weight fabrics need a light weight glue like Misty Fuse. It doesn't come with paper so transfer it to fabric with Silicone Release Paper or a Teflon sheet. I use it on silk fabric all the time.
 You've fused a million times and you have the dirty iron to prove it. No matter what brand you use, I hope fusing will give you hours of hot, sticky fun!


Gene Black said...

I have some Misty Fuse, but I also have another brand you didn't name. Now I am wondering if it is one you don't recommend.

Pat said...

Thanks for the information.

Beth from Maine said...

I love reading your blog. I get info and a laugh at the same time. After living in WI twice for short periods of time, I find myself really missing that wacky mid-western sense of humor. Now I can get a daily dose!!

deborah said...

How much better can it be? Useful information with a laugh thrown in!

Lisa said...

Thanks for the recommendations!

WoolenSails said...

I have to go through my fusibles and see what I have. I know I had asked for something to use in applique, so must have something like that;) Now that I am finally feeling half way normal, I want to design something to go with my threads.


Jeanne Marklin said...

My butter is a lot harder than your butter! Could it be I'm ironing the fused fabric for too long?

Laura Wasilowski said...

Congratulations on taking a leap and ordering some Wonder Under 805, Gene.
If you need any tips on fusing, you can always find them here: