Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How to Tuesday: Gunk Protection

An exciting instance of paper removal.
One of the joyous benefits of using Wonder Under # 805 fusible web is the paper that comes with the web. After you transfer the fusible web to the fabric, let it cool down, and then carefully peel the paper off in one sheet. Save this paper. It is called Release Paper.

Release Paper is really valuable like gold or diamonds or that safety pin you find in your purse when your zipper breaks. I mean valuable! And here is why.
A dramatic moment in the history of fusing.
How To Protect Your Quilt Top from a Gunky Iron: When you add a fused element to your quilt top, always put a piece of Release Paper on the quilt before ironing the fabric into place. The Release Paper protects your quilt top, keeping any glue or dirt on the iron from transferring to the quilt.

Here's another reason to use Release Paper between the iron and quilt top. Let's say your building a fused masterpiece and one piece of fabric is placed upside down (the glue is facing up instead of down). If you have Release Paper on top of the quilt, the element will fuse to the paper, not the bottom of the iron.

Take it from a woman who knows, your quilt top should always wear protection.


Gene Black said...

Thanks Laura. I did some fusing last week. I goofed and got glue on my soleplate. I was sole-sick. (or is that sole-sticky?) Lucky for me I remembered your advice on cleaning the iron. I did the trick with the dryer sheet since I didn't have the iron cleaner. It worked great!!!

Pam said...

Hi Laura--love your work, love your site AND love your tips! I'm new in this fusing journey and was thrilled to find wonder-under at a local craft store 2 miles away...however, so far I've been peeling release paper off in bits and pieces...not sure what I'm doing wrong, but gonna keep trying!

deborah said...

Great tip! I have a bag of different sizes of release papers:)

WoolenSails said...

I found some lighter weight wonder under, so I can try that on my hippie piece to put the last item on. I also found a fun dog pattern that I can try with some thread embellishments.


Greenmare said...

so what you are saying is that you practice safe ironing?

Elaine said...

Thank you so much. How many times have I gotten a little bit of iron gunk on my quilt. And then I scrape and scrape. This could save me a lot of time and work.