Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How to Tuesday: When Murdering Your Glue is a Good Thing

We all know this when fusing: too much heat from the iron for too long will kill fusible web on fabric. Repeated exposure to a hot iron actually burns the glue into the fabric. The fabric shapes get stiff and soon pop off the fabric like a rubber band in flight.

Don't do it!

But, as Dean of Corrections at the Chicago School of Fusing, I do give you permission to kill glue on your ironing board. The glue loves the iron and wants to melt all over it. If you get fusible web on your ironing surface, the iron will melt it and put it on your beautiful quilt top.

Here's how to kill your glue: Place Release Paper on the offending splotch of glue. Now iron the glue through the paper a good 20 - 30 seconds. This will melt the glue into the ironing board fabric and it will no longer be attracted to your hot iron.

For the iron it's like getting out of a bad romance that's a little sticky. And if it takes murdering the glue to do it, so be it. (You may have noticed. I have a little mean streak in me.)


Judy B said...


I have done both these things on may occasions, but your description of the techniques is spot on!

Judy B

Linda said...

I'm a new follower and I love your sense of humor and the bright colors of your work. I also work in bright colors! Life is too short to stick with dull and dreary!

deborah said...

A sticky situation ironed out in the nick of time!

Gayle from MI said...

Where were you a few months ago when I changed my whole ironing surface because of a six inch splotch of glue? Thanks for this!

WoolenSails said...

I never knew that, lol.
I guess I have been heating it right, since I haven't had that problem. Great tip for cleaning the iron.