Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thread-u-cation Thursdays: Elongate Your Daisies

While stitching a little quilt top last night I discovered another variation on the Lazy Daisy Stitch. Or to be more accurate, I made a mistake while making the Lazy Daisy and now claim to have discovered another stitch! I'm calling it the Elongated Lazy Daisy and I am not to be trusted. (This just in! Deepa reports that this is called the Long-tailed Lazy Daisy and is used in Brazilian Embroidery.)
Here's how to make the Long-tailed Lazy Daisy stitch: begin as you would a Lazy Daisy stitch with the needle and thread exiting the fabric at point A. Insert the needle tip right next to A. Take a short stitch (about 1/4") to the left and exit the fabric at B. Trap the thread under the needle and draw the needle and thread through the fabric creating a loop.
Now, instead of inserting the needle into the fabric right over the loop at B, insert the needle about 1/4" left of B at point C. Pull the needle and thread gently through the fabric to create a long stem on a tulip shaped stitch.

Congratulations, you have now elongated your daisy! Make a row of stitches like I have above our place them in a circle to make a flower like shape. Trust me, you'll love adding hand embroidery to your quilts. And Happy St. Patrick's Day too!


Gene Black said...

May the luck o' the Irish be with you.

deborah said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

WoolenSails said...

I find that I end up making up stitches as I go, too.
I am horrible at following directions, so I look at the stitch and then figure a way to do it, lol.


Jane Moxey said...

Love this Two-Lip stitch! Yay for continuing the embroidery adventures!

Deepa said...

This stitch is known by the name Long-tailed lazy daisy and is commonly used for leaves in Brazilian embroidery.

MiniBinoy said...
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MiniBinoy said...

yes it is a variation of lazy daisy!