Monday, March 07, 2011

What Must the TSA Think?

Do you get those little slips of paper in your luggage when you travel by air that says the bag was checked by the TSA? I have collected so many of them, I can now wallpaper my living room.
This is what greets the TSA as they check my bags at the airport. It's a nightmare of thread and fabric and quilts. I can hear the shouting, "What's this woman up to? There's enough fiber in here to cause every passenger on a 747 intestinal distress! Call the Manager!"

If you'd like to see where I'm flying to next in order to change your flight plans (and thus avoid any distress), please see my teaching schedule.


Gene Black said...

Trust me, if TSA cared about intestinal distress, they would treat people better.

YankeeQuilter said...

After hundreds of bags containing nothing but dirty laundry your bag must be at a least a little fun for them!

Mommarock said...

They are thinking..what is this...what the heck is she gonna WEAR>? Maybe she is going to sew and go.. LOL