Monday, April 04, 2011

Can a Cover Girl Find True Happiness?

Yes! If your quilt is on the cover of Machine Quilting Unlimited  magazine's 40- page compilation issue! MQU is devoted to covering all aspects of the quilting stage of a quilt. They have articles on winning quilts, new gadgets, and quilting tips. You're going to love this magazine.

How do you get your free copy? They are passing them out at upcoming shows such as Paducah, Houston, HMQS, and Spring Market. 

Just look for the magazine cover with the house flying through the air.


Jackie said...

I subscribe and can't wait to see this copy! Congrats on being a cover girl.

Linda said...

Congratulations! How fun is that!!! I'm not surprised they chose your work for their cover.

gill said...

Do they hand these out to those of us in the UK?????

WoolenSails said...

That is something I could use, will it be in the stores?
How wonderful to be on the cover.