Friday, April 01, 2011

Digital Sketchbook Page 5: Never Met a Horizon I Didn't Like

There something about living on the broad prairie that gives you a long perspective on things. Without any bothersome forests or rugged mountains in the way, you tend to think horizontally when creating art work. This digital image, made with Art Studio on my IPad, is a flatlander's view of what a few jaunty mountains in the distance can do for you.
Prairie Breeze
Here we have another version of the lone prairie in quilt form. Notice the jaunty hills in the background. This is so outsiders can feel at home.

They say that our environment affects what we make. Which means, that if I lived in the arctic circle, my quilts would be white on white.


Linda said...

We moved from a mountainous area to the flatter area of South Texas. Sometimes when there are dark clouds on the horizon I forget that they are not mountains in the distance. Then I "wake up" and realize what they are.
Yes, our environment does affect us. Yours has a nice effect on your work!

WoolenSails said...

I love what you do with your art pad.
When my other computers die, I will be getting one and by then they should have a lot more features;)


Greenmare said...

our environment huh? I have a wine wallhanging up on my design wall, guess we know what that says about me! ;-) w i n e -- no H!!