Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thread-u-cation Thursdays: French Elbow Stitch

 Let's face it, my history as an embroiderer is a little sketchy. But I do love a good name for a good stitch. Therefore, I've invented a new stitch: The French Elbow! Unlike your French Knuckle or Minnesota Shin Stitch this stitch has direction!
Here's how to make a French Elbow: Bring your thread and needle up at point A. Now re-insert the needle into point B which is about 1/4" up and to the right of point A. Slide the needle under the fabric and emerge at point C (about 1/4" left of B). Trap the thread under the needle.

Draw the needle and thread through the fabric at point C.  The next step is to make a French Knot without loosing the bend of the elbow. Grasp the thread in your left hand and hold it parallel to the fabric. Wind the thread around the horizontal needle 3 times. Hold your elbow in place!
Now, holding the wound thread in place on the needle, scoot the tip of the needle just onto the other side of the thread at point C (at the elbow joint). Poke the needle into the fabric and slowly draw the thread through the knot to the back.

If anyone knows the real name of this stitch, please don't tell me. I am so enamored with French Elbow I don't think I can give it up.

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QuilterLaura said...

Ohhh, I love French Elbow too! If it does have another name, let's replace that one with French Elbow. I used the neat stitch you used for the pins in your pincushion yesterday. The one that is like a French knot with a makes the perfect fringe on a snowman's you knew that already, thanks Laura!