Sunday, May 22, 2011

Guest Artist: Musical Quilt

Guitar Town by Beverly (photo by Sheri O'Neal)
Our guest artist this week is Beverly, who attend my workshop last August in Berea, Ky. Using some of the techniques she learn in class and a few improvised ideas of her own, Beverly made a quilt for Re-Tune Nashville, a project benefiting musicians and their families who were affected by the devastating May 2010 flood. Each artist was given an instrument that had been ruined by flood waters and asked to create art from the wreckage.

Beverly received the back of an acoustic guitar, and created this wonderful quilt, Guitar Town. It brought $250 in the silent auction! Congratulations Beverly!


cindy said...

Inspired, I am. Beverly did a fantastic job on the back of the guitar. Glad to hear it brought in so much in the silent auction, way to go.

WoolenSails said...

Wonderful piece and fun theme.
I am enjoying doing small pieces and plan on making lots more.


susan said...

I managed to see this in person before it ever got out of Beverly's house and it is a truly wonderful piece. You must be quite the inspiration yourself :)

Theresa said...

This definitely does inspire! I love when quilters use the stitch design itself to add dimension and beauty to a quilt. Now I just have to become brave enough to try it myself..