Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How to Make a Blue Chip Chair Day 3

On day 3 of our How to Make a Blue Chip Chair quilt marathon we begin the building of the mighty chair! Move over Ikea.
Having removed all the release paper from your fused chair fabric, it is time to chop the fabric up into color chips. Select a decorative rotary cutter blade for your cutter and cut the fabric into squares measuring about 2 x 2 inches. No need to measure the squares, just eyeball the size.

Place sheets of release paper into you Master Pattern from day 1 and trace the shapes that make up the chair using a black Sharpie marker. Overlap the release paper to make it large enough.

Now take you color chips and fuse tack them onto the tracing. Overlap the chip edges about 1/4" on top of each other to build a huge collage on the tracing.

After the collage cools, carefully remove it from the paper. You'll see that the marker lines transfer to the glue. It's a miracle! Cut out the chair shapes just inside the black line.

Place the shapes onto a fused piece of orange fabric. Leave a 1/8" between each shape so the orange shows through and helps define the chair shape. Fuse tack the shapes onto the orange. 

Remove the release paper from the orange fabric and cut out the whole chair shape leaving a small edging of orange around the outside edge.

If you return tomorrow and I'll introduce you to strip fusing! (Clothing optional.)


WoolenSails said...

I like how you made the chair from pieces. I have been thinking of doing a small photo quilt using scrap pieces and fusible, now i just need to decide on a design.


katquilter said...

This is SO COOL! You are SO AWESOME! and you made me laugh with "It's a miracle!"