Friday, May 13, 2011

How to Make a Blue Chip Chair Day 5

Will this How to Make a Blue Chip Chair thing never end!!!

Meanwhile back to our day 5 blue chip chair construction zone. The next step requires a piece of white fabric cut to the size of our final quilt. This will act as our base for attaching all the compositional elements in the blue chip chair design.
Arrange the chair and table on the white background fabric using the Master Pattern as a template for placement. You can fuse them into place but just in the center of the shapes. Leave the edges un-fused. We will be slipping fabrics under our edges.
Elements, like the flower pot, are made by fusing the fabric, removing the release paper, and tracing the pattern onto release paper with a black marker. The tracing is put onto the fuse flower pot fabric and ironed. The shapes transfer to the fused fabrics and they are cut out.

Other elements like the baseboard are created as strip fused collages on release paper. Then they are cut to size and slipped behind the table and chair. 

The flooring and more chopped up wall fabric come next. Overlap and fuse tack them right to the white background fabric.

And finally the chair has legs!

Please visit us tomorrow to see the quilting portion of our blue chip chair creation. I'm totally exhausted!


WoolenSails said...

Only you can make something as simple as a chair, a fun work of art, love it. I always try to remember when fusing which goes under what, before I fuse it;)


Soco said...

Hi Laura! It was a pleasure meet you in Madrid. The course was so good, interesting and enjoyable. It's a pity, really, that I can't speak in english, but thanks to my family I can tell you these words. I hope you have fond memories of your stay in Spain. Hugs from Asturias!