Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How to Tuesday: Back to Fusing Basics

Making pattern with a bunch of fused fabrics.
If you ever take a class from me, the first thing we do (after complaining about traffic) is to review some basic information about fusing. Most of you have worked with fusible web, but here's a quick refresher to help you fuse like a pro.
  • Wash the fabric to remove starches or sizing that will interfere with the bonding process.
  • Don’t use fabrics with a permanent press or other finish. These finishes will interfere with the bonding process.
  • Use a hot (cotton setting) iron that has no water in it. Even if the steam function is off, water in the iron will make the glue take longer to set up.
  • Make sure the iron is up to temperature. If it’s an automatic shut-off iron, bring it up to the cotton setting again. (This drives me nuts!)
  • Place the fabric down and the paper on top (glue side to fabric). The iron should be touching the paper not the fabric. This way you get better heat transfer.
  • Iron to the edge and corners of the fabric and beyond. You must touch every inch of the paper with the hot iron.
  • Glide the iron across the surface of the paper, don’t place it. If you place it you will miss areas and the glue won’t transfer.
  • Iron for 5-7 seconds across the fabric to the edge and beyond.
  • If the fused  fabric ripples, it isn’t a problem. The fabric will ease out after the paper is removed.
  • Always let the fabric cool before removing the paper. Depending on the humidity in the air, this could take from 5 minutes to 30 minutes.
Intrepid students going to the edge and beyond.
Wondering what the most difficult rule to follow is? It's the ironing to the edge and beyond. That's why we practice this in class with a little interpretive dance.


Lilian Pilar said...

Laura, me gusta pasar por tu blog y ver como se divierten;
la costura, las telas, las amigas son una diversiĆ³n...

Linda said...

Thank you for the lesson. I will have to take a class from you some day. I'll bet it's hard to be in a bad mood in one of your classes!

GerryART said...

I can certainly see that the dance is the key element.
I WILL BE adding this to my ritual.

ellen gets crafty said...

Thanks for another great tutorial.

WoolenSails said...

Good points to follow, I do not wash my fabric and notice on some, it is hard to get the fusible to stick or come off, so that could be why. I also remove the paper too quick on some. If I am doing a lot at once, it has time to cool, but when I am adding to a piece, I make it and use it. I haven't found any difference in the paper coming off, but it could be the type of paper.


Sewconsult said...

Great lesson & hilarity at the end! Love you and your humor. Wish you were my neighbor or my relative!

Terry said...

Ahhh. . .it was the dance that I was missing!! Thanks for the tutorial!

Theresa said...

Oh, I love the last picture! I am trying my hand at amateur fusing on my newest quilt-in-progress, but oh how I wish I could take your class. I have pictures of it on my blog, but if you look just remember I did say "amateur"!

Inmapatchwork said...

Eres autentica, tus clases son geniales.No olvirare tu curso en Madrid
Espero que el fular te lo pongas y asi te acordaras de mi