Monday, May 30, 2011

Name This Quilt and Win a Friend for Life

Housing Department #25
OK I admit it. I'm out of names for my little quilts. Usually I will start a series and just list them as 1, 2, 3, etc.
Housing Department quilts are a good example of a series of quilts that numbered in the high 20's.

Betty's Bloomers #16
Then there was the Betty's Bloomers series named for one of my sisters. (The "bloomers" part is a joke about underwear but no one else seemed to get it......even Betty.)
But for this series of leaf quilts I'm stumped. Can you help? I'll give a prize to whom ever comes up with a title I can live with. Only 1 rule: it can't be over 3 words long. Thanks!

And our winner is.......Gayle of Michigan for Leaf of Faith. Thanks Gayle!


creativedawn said...

Hello there...
I do love all of your art! This is a fun contest, so on with That's it LOL..".Life of Leaves"


Debbie said...

This is fun! I love the embroidery on that leaf.

Lively Leaf
Lively Leaves
Lovely Leaf
Lovely Leaves
Just One Leaf
Leave Me Alone
Leaf of (many) Colors (You said only three words.)

Will let you know if I think of more, Laura!

N.K. said...

Here are some suggestions:
Colour Leave
Twinkle Leave
Hope it helps :)Please read my blog too.

free indeed said...

Leaf me Be!

Jackie said...

Leaves Living Large

Terri Stegmiller said...

I usually struggle with names too. Here's what I've come up with on the spur of the moment:

Laura's Leaves
Happy Leaf
Full of Leaf

jill said...

Leaf Me Breathless is my favorite,
Life Leafs is a close second, or
Leaf Life
Leaf Of Life (sounds good!)

drc2010 said...

Beautiful Botanica
Bold Botanicals

momhooten said...

How about:
Leaf among us.

Connie said...

Never Leaf Me

Lynn said...

Leaf it be or Leaf it bee

Gayle from MI said...

Here is my three cents worth!

Behind every leaf....

Leaf of Bliss

Leaf of Faith

Di2Quilt said...

How about:

Rhapsody in Leaves

Pamela said...

Leaf Me Alone

Tree Droppings

and since I'm sure they'll be flying out of your studio!...

Scattered Leaves

Carol Esch said...

fael and leaf
leaf and fael

(leaf spelled backwards....)

Sundry leaves


Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

How about:
Nature's wardrobe
Tree trimmings
Leaf Parade

but actually I really like Terri's "Laura's Leaves" too. (mmmm, maybe I shouldn't be voting for someone else.LOL)

Mickie said...

I like "Palm Tree Sunday". I found this young poet who wrote a poem you can find here:

and it reminds me of your wallhanging... which makes me happy.

Mickie said...

APOLOGIES...oh how embarrassing, i thought we were naming the first wall hanging......gotta wear my glasses when I am on the puter. I like Pamela's "leaf me alone" :D

Linda said...

How about one of these:
Fancy Foliage
Flirty Flora
Flirty Foliage
Fancy Flora
Flippant Foliage
Flippant Flora

Ruth said...

I love the leaf.
How about Joseph's Leaf. Like Joseph's coat of many colors.

Linda M said...

Leaf me alone.

WoolenSails said...

Here is my go at it;)

Leaf it be
Fabulous Fronds
Painted Petals
A new leaf (Turn Over)
Fanciful Foliage


:Diane said...


Karen said...

I came up with "Laughing Leaves", but I really like "Fanciful Foliage" from WoolenSails. Or maybe just Foliage #1, #2, etc.

Mary-Kay said...

Ruffled Leaf Skins
Rumpled Leaf Skins

Mimi said...


Sewconsult said...

Leaf Department.
Leaf Us Stunned
Leaves Divided

Marybeth said...

Maybe: Leaf Alone. But what if it is not a leaf.. hmmm What if it is a fan..then name it "Fan-O-Mine".

laura gibbs said...

"Pressed Impressions" :-)

Gene Black said...

Plant Plumage

Sonia said...

Since I recall that these leaves are a result of "zentangles", how about
"zen leaf" or "tangle leaf"? I have hankered after being your friend since I attended your lecture at Houston and would LOVE to be your friend for life! Sonia

Sue said...

OK-I am in a weird mood today. Why not call it "Jurassic Park #1."

Sewz4fun said...

I immediately thought of Forest Gems as a name for this series of leaves. Just thought I'd leaf a comment, Denise

Vivika said...

OK Laura, there are a thousand comments up there and I don't have time to read them all, so this one might already be in the running, but here goes:

Leaf Segment

Easy to remember, easy to number, etc.

Great idea to have the contest!


Liesbeth Wessels said...

It is difficult for me, english is not my language. When I see this leave, I think at the noise they make when it is windy. But you can alsoo use these leaves to refresh you self. I choose the name "Wave" I love this quilt !
greetings from liesbeth

Suztats said...

Here's a couple ideas:
Leafing Out
BeLEAF it!
Tree Dressings
Lots of neat ideas from your followers!

Suztats said...

Or how about:
Dis Be In I looked at this quilt in DisBeLeaf loving what I saw

Tracy said...

In the vein

leaf magic

frond fun

Sewgirl said...

I like "leaf's little mysteries"
"Leave it to me"
"Lollipop Leaves"
"lotsa leaves"

I love your blog, and love that you blog most days!

Laura Wasilowski said...

And our winner is.....
Gayle of Michigan for:
Leaf of Faith
Thanks Gayle!

Jodie said...

for the housesdept 25 One sunny day at the beach. I love it. Jodie Seila