Saturday, May 21, 2011

Singing with the Zaragoza Quilters

View of the Basilica del Pilar from the Ebro River

My final destination in Spain was the historic city of Zaragoza located between Madrid and Barcelona. As a favorite stomping ground for the Roman Empire, the Berbers and Arabs, and the Aragonese, Zaragoza is a well tended city with way too much to see. Whether its the Roman ruins or the Aljaferia Palace, this sweet little city packs in a lot of history.

Asun, my lovely hostess.
Zaragoza is also the home of my friend, Asun, who invited me to teach her group of enthusiastic and friendly quilters. Asun represents Spain in the European Quilt Association, acted as my translator, and makes beautiful quilts. She also has an infectious giggle.

Asun's mother and expert stitcher.

The fearless chicas made delightful little casitas in the Tiny Homes class and flower quilts in the Stitch after Fusing class.
The talented Zaragoza quilters.
 I am so grateful to Asun for introducing me to this wonderful group of quilters. They impressed me with their abilities at hand embroidery and their willingness to sing and dance to the Chicago School of Fusing Fight Song.

This is not easy. It really endeared them to me.


Lilian Pilar said...

Hola Laura!!!!
me habría encantado conocerte.
Vivo en Madrid y no me he enterado de tu visita, que pena para la proxima...saludos

Sewconsult said...

Muy bien!
Beckie de TN.

WoolenSails said...

So many beautiful things to see, It must be hard doing classes and trying to get in some sight seeing and time for yourself;)


Laura said...

Hola Laura, soy la otra Laura de Zaragoza y quiero darte las gracias por el curso tan bonito y creativo que hemos tenido contigo.
Espero poder hacer alguno mas para avanzar en la técnica del fuging. Un abrazo y hasta siempre