Monday, May 16, 2011

What Do Pickle Juice and Cafe au Lait Have in Common?

Like any good dyer, I spend a lot of time thinking up names for my dye formulas. This is not an easy job! For instance, the latest colorways (above) are called Pickle Juice and Cafe au Lait.

It took me a year to come up with these names.

Both fabric and thread in these new colorways are now available at Artfabrik. I like to think that the acid greens of Pickle Juice will make you pucker up and warm browns of Cafe au Lait will get you jazzed. Not sure what happens when you combine them. But be careful!


Linda said...

These are beautiful colors! I especially like the green.

Vivika said...

Funny - I bought both of those colors the last time I ordered!

cindy said...

Very nice, I'm sure they would mix just right, not the coffee and pickle juice but he fab colours together.

WoolenSails said...

Those names are perfect for those colors.
Beautiful shades and will look wonderful stitched into a piece.


Inmapatchwork said...

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Linda said...

This website is fabulous. And I'd love to add your site to my blogsite. May I?
If you would like to view a very healthy coffee. Well, you'll find that on my website, too.

I am so looking forward to learn more about your quilts, stitching, fusing etc.
Thank you