Friday, May 20, 2011

Where to Get Your Flamenco Costume in Madrid

Madrid during the day. At 3 AM  it's busier.
 Our next stop in Spain is the bustling city of Madrid. The beautiful architecture is overwhelming as is the choice of museums, shops, and nightlife. I don't recall ever being in bed before 1:00 am.
Relaxing with 3 ladies of Spain
And yet I managed to make it to my second set of Tools of the Trade classes. Students arrived from all over Spain and attended the workshop in the spacious classroom of Bordelay's headquarters. Here you see me with my friends Inma, Rosario, and Catalina exhausted from too much fusing and too much Madrid.
18th century kitchen from Valencia, National Museum of Decorative Arts
A free day exploring the city yielded a visit to the National Museum of Decorative Arts where I found my dream kitchen. Then we hit the textile district somewhere between Puerta del Sol and Plaza Mayor. At last I was in my element!
 There were dozens of little shops dedicated to ribbon, trim, buttons, lace, and of course fabric. The shops were crowded with dedicated sewers and a few tourists walking around in disbelief.
Flamenco dresses in just your size
Nearby were shops for you to find that perfect flamenco costume. (Not sure where the Spanks shop was located.) And around the corner from that, the premier shop for purchasing your husband's matador outfit. Ole!

Please return tomorrow to meet my friend Asun and to tour of the lovely city of Zaragoza.


Linda said...

Oh,thank you for letting us visit along with you (from a distance). I can just feel those wooden spindles and lace.
The kitchen! How beautiful! I love decorative tiles. I would love having a kitchen full of it!
Continue to have fun!

WoolenSails said...

Such a beautiful place and so much inspiration for future ideas. I finished my bird yesterday, got some machine and hand stitch practice, but I ended up aging it and making it into folk art;) I have a photo of it, on my blog.