Monday, May 23, 2011

Why You Should Live Here

When I retire I shall live in this lovely Artist Village. Imagine the block parties!
Last year my friend Kathy York asked several artists to participate in creating a 3D village of fabric homes. Each artist was to make it in their own style. Apparently this is my style:
Hat House
One of the criteria for making the house for the Artist Village was that it had to fold flat for shipping. Not only does Hat House fold flat, it is reversible! (Giving new meaning to a reversible mortgage.)

Here you see the interior of the house which has cats left over from some other forgotten project. When this side is out, it's a Cat House.
Hat House is made up of 2 pieces of Timtex covered with fused fabrics. The Timtex shapes sort of roll to form conical shapes and are held into shape with Velcro strips. It's a miracle of engineering discovered while fooling around with scraps of Timtex and an extra cup of coffee.
May also be used as a hat. How Fetching!
Here are the other artists and the dates their work appeared on their blogs. Check them out!
Susan Else (website)                       May 2
Frances Holiday Alford                   May 3
Pamela Allen (website)                    May 4
Frieda Anderson                             May 5
Lisa Call                                         May 6
Jane Davila                                     May 9
Naomi Adams                                May 10
Jamie Fingal                                   May 11
Barb Forrister                                May 12
Vickie Hallmark                             May 13
Connie Hudson                              May 16
Leslie Jenison                                 May 17
Sherri McCauley                            May 18
Judy Perez                                     May 19
Melanie Testa                                May 20
Kathy York                                   May 24


Jackie said...

I love your house and would move in any time! Very cute!

Linda said...

How fun! You couldn't do anything but smile if you lived in a house like that!

Barb Forrister said...

Laura, I love your hat/cat house, especially when you wear it! How fun!

kathy york said...

Laura, I love this house!! It is so wonderful. It was such a nice surprise finding the cats inside, and I love your humor!

Approachable Art said...

This is a total hoot, how funny!

WoolenSails said...

Love it, so fun, you are now the official Mad Hatter;)


Connie Hudson said...

Such fun and I didn't realize it's reversible!