Sunday, June 12, 2011

Calling All Cat Loving Quilters!

Ann and Oreo bonding.
Are you one of those push-over people that loves cats? Then you should meet quilt maker, Ann Fahl. She loves both cats and quilts. In fact, she is so crazy about cats and quilts that she self-published a new book: A Black and White Tale. (Now why can't I think of titles like that?)
Oreo looking startled by success.
Ann's new book is full of pictures of her quilts and 20 of them include her cat Oreo. (It is said that Oreo is a cookie loving cat with a hankering for a ginger snap every once in a while.) The story is told through the verse of Jacquie Scuitto as images of Oreo romp through the pages. Oreo walks in the garden, eats breakfast, has a bath, takes a vacation. The cat has more excitement in his life than most humans.
Oreo attacking innocent leaves.
What I like about Ann’s quilts is that they are very colorful and full of luscious thread work. What I like about A Black and White Tale is that in the end you can read all about each of the quilts included in the story. This book is the perfect gift for your cat or maybe a friend with a happy occasion coming up. (Please note: no cat fur included with purchase.)


Cedar Ridge Studio said...

I was so captivated with Oreo I bought 2 copies. One for my 4 cat sister and one for me.
A lovely book with great cat quilts.

WoolenSails said...

I do love her quilts, especially the kitties.
That is a good idea as a gift.


T's Daily Treasures said...

I bet that is a great book and would make a wonderful gift for a cat lover. Hope your day is good. Best wishes, Tammy