Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Feel Like Flinging Some Fiber?

Ever get that urge to fling a little fiber? Then you may want to join me at the Crooked Tree Fiber Fling  August 6 and 7 in Peninsula OH.
When I want to have a fling with fiber, I always Stitch After Fusing, that way you know the quilt top is ready for hand embroidery. In this class, we make a fused quilt top (usually a flower arrangement of some sort) and then add hand stitchery to spice it up.

Or maybe you need a Tiny Home because yours is just too darn big and you're sick of housework! Then you'll enjoy the Tiny Homes class. Here you'll learn all about collage building, free-cutting, and building a neighborhood without the bother of zoning regulations.

So check out the Crooked Tree Fiber Fling and toss some fiber with me!


WoolenSails said...

Building a neighborhood is on my future plans, I want to use some of the places I remember as a child and in our town.


QuilterLaura said...

For a brief moment, I thought I had won the lottery! I have a cottage called Crooked Tree and when I saw this post I thought "Laura is coming to my cottage!!" But alas, you'll be in OHIO>>>>drat.