Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fusing in the Dark, What Are the Chances?

Little Bird on the Prairie #3
In another dramatic adventure of a traveling quilt teacher, we visit the Friendship Quilters of Linthicum, MD. During my evening lecture, a raging thunderstorm bellows outside. Suddenly all electrical power to the building is lost! The projector stops projecting slides of my riveting presentation and we are all in the dark.

It is very romantic.

But in true quilt making fashion, I realize the show must go on!

So lifting my battery operated lap-top computer high, I show the remaining slides of art work to the hidden audience. An occasional flash of lightening illuminates the room so they can see my smiling face. And as I sing my songs, people hold up their cell phones and sway to the music.
Small World #13

During a particularly loud thunderclap, I have a revelation!

Quilters are resourceful people. It's going to take more than a power outage to stop this group. Thank you Friendship Quilters for the big adventure! Hope your power is back soon!


Gene Black said...

When the power goes out, you strap on your headlight and do handwork! Gee if I had a treadle machine I could even do machine work in the dark.

MarĂ­a Cristina said...

Every day I admire most his working technique and I hope to try soon.
A nice story of the storm.

Terry said...

What a story about the storm. I'm glad it didn't stop the show!

liniecat said...

Not only a talented quilt maker but a gal that thinks on her feet! lol

WoolenSails said...

It is great that you had your laptop to use. What an adventure you had, hopefully your next stop will be storm free.


Gerrie said...

LOL! Sounds like fun!

Madalene Murphy said...

You are really attracting the thunder and lightning this year, Laura. At least in Wellsboro, we had light--just no water.

myrtle said...

Cool! great post.. =)

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