Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How to Tuesday: Cutting a Spiral Shape

Cutting a spiral fabric shape makes you feel like you are the Master of Fabric. You are in control! And as the Master of Fabric you will soon see it is really easy to cut a spiral. Here's how.
Begin with a fused swatch of fabric that is slightly larger than the spiral you want to make. Try a 3" square for your first spiral. Free-cut a large circle of fabric using sharp scissors.  Beginning at the outside edge of the circle, cut a strip of fabric about 1/2" wide following the curve of the circle.
Continue cutting until reaching the center of the circle. Always keep the width of the strip about 1/2" wide.
Now return to the outside edge of the circle where you first started cutting. Cut down the center of the strip.
When you get to the middle of the circle, snip the 2 strips apart to form 2 spirals.
You can cut spirals from other geometric shapes by using the the same process as above. Just follow the outside edges of the shape and work your way into the center.

For some reason, spirals always remind me of crazy cartoon eyes. Alas, another sign of a misspent youth.

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WoolenSails said...

That is the wonderful thing about fusible, cutting out shapes like that.