Tuesday, June 07, 2011

How to Tuesday: Free-cutting Will Set You Free!

A valuable skill to develop as a maker of fused art quilts is the skill of free-cutting. Free-cutting is cutting shapes directly out of fabric with sharp scissors. You don't use a pattern or a drawn line on the fabric. Like a child cutting out paper shapes, you cut with abandon. Ah, youth!
Free-cutting gives you the opportunity to develop your personal style of art work. Everyone has their own methods of cutting fabric. You may cut smooth shapes, others hack around a shape. You may work large, others cut small meticulous shapes. These methods of cutting fabric become your signature style.
The more you free-cut the less rigid your work becomes. The more you free-cut, the more personal your art becomes. It's like releasing both your belt and suspenders. Free-cutting sets you free!


WoolenSails said...

I do that a lot with my folk art pieces, I don't want them to be perfect;)


Theresa said...

So, that isn't a pre-printed shape that you have cut out of a piece of fabric, but instead different shapes you have cut and layered on top of each other? Let me just say, I LoVe your signature style!

how to be involved in a quilt of love @ theconfessionsofacraftaholic.blogspot.com/

Linda said...

I love this! I have done some of it and really enjoy it.

Catskill Quilter said...

Thought provoking! Yup, I will have to try this again! Thank you for spurring us on!