Sunday, June 05, 2011

Primier Silk Painters from Spain

Joanna, Cecília, Mercè, Asun, and me in Zaragoza
One of the benefits of travel is visiting with friends that you admire and enjoy. My friends Cecília and Mercè (sisters) drove all the way from Barcelona with adorable little Joanna to see us in Zaragoza. Here we are promenading down Alfonso street with my friend Asun looking darn cute.
Menina holding skeins of my thread.
Cecelia and Merce are well known in Europe for their innovative and beautiful hand painted silk panels. You may know them as the ladies of Desedamas.
Infanta Margarita by Velazquez
My collection of their work is slowly growing. I especially love the images of the meninas that they make based upon the little maids in paintings by Diego Velazquez. Aren't they fun!


Linda said...

Thanks for sharing the work of these ladies with us! It is so much fun!

KatieQ said...

It sounds like they are not only talented, but fun ladies to be around. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.

cindy said...

It is special when someone meets you half way, better when they come a long way. These are talented ladies and it looks like you girls might have had a fun time out and about. I like the Menina holding your thread.

Ocean said...

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