Monday, June 20, 2011

Repeat after Me: Just Make the Art

Brushing Up #7
It's funny how people perceive their artistic abilities. Often, when I'm teaching a class on fused art quilts, a student will say "I'm not creative. I can't make art".
Brushing Up #7 (detail)
This is a feeling we all share at one time or another. But in my view no one is born creative. Creativity is something you can learn, practice, and nurture at any age.
  • You learn about creativity by observing what's around you and pausing to really see and listen to the world.
  • You practice creativity by making art on a regular basis, trying different things, improving your skills, and giving yourself permission to make mistakes.
  • And you nurture creativity by feeding it with new sights and sounds and tools.
Brushing Up #10
These are things we have to remind ourselves of every day. So repeat after me: Just make the art, the rest will follow. 
Brushing Up #11
And now a little thumbs up for the technique of fusing to create art quilts. This is why I like fusing:
  • It gives me the freedom to create what I observe without sewing seams. I  can make organic shapes easily.
  • It lets me practice making art, lots of art, because it's a really easy technique.
  • And it helps me nurture my artistic spirit by letting me make my art freely and easily.
Give it a try! Here's a few fusing tips to get you started.


WoolenSails said...

Great advice. I am going to go and enjoy the world around me, while I can. Might be raining later in the week, so need to take advantage of some nice days, then I can sit and create.


Lisa said...

AMEN! And thanks for the Kai scissor advice my fused pieces are so much better! Amazing what a difference sharp scissors can make.

Gale, pursuing as much as I can as fast as I can! said...

Keep reposting this, Laura!! I need the reminder!

Shawn said...

inspiring post -thanks!