Friday, June 17, 2011

Take It Easy and Grow Your Quilt Garden

Weezie's Wildflowers
Making art work is a lot like growing a garden. We delight in the colors and textures of our materials. And value the time spent on a seed of an idea that grows to a final harvest.

Or in my case, you learn to live with the weeds that conceal the seed of an idea and harvest what you can get.

Ann's Asparagus
This month I'm tending my stitched garden instead of my outdoor garden. I figure the plants will grow whether I tend them or not. But a quilt does not itself make.
Watering Can, a free pattern for you.
Now here's something to get you in the gardening / stitching mood. With any purchase from the Artfabrik website during the month of June, we'll send you this free Watering Can pattern. It's our way of wishing you a joyful art / gardening experience.

And you can stay inside and be bug free.


Cedar Ridge Studio said...

Love Weezies flowers

WoolenSails said...

I need to do something artsy and use my threads.
Working on a larger quilt with the machine, so I need to make up something to work on for hand quilting.


Sharon M said...

Your extra hand work really adds an extra dimension to your piece. Very cool.

TheaM said...

that hand stitching really makes the quilt unique!

can't wait for your class in Knoxville!

Celia said...

I just love Weezie's wildflowers..