Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How to Tuesday: The Fused Binding

I've been fusing so long and have made so many mistakes I now call them Fusing Tips.
Here's a good tip for you on how to bind your quilts. You're making fused art quilts, you may as well finish them with a fused binding!

1. After steam setting the quilt top to the batting for 10 seconds (using a dry pressing cloth), hand stitch the quilt just through the batting layer. Or add the quilt backing fabric and machine stitch the quilt sandwich.
2. Trim the quilt square with a ruler and rotary cutter and add a rod pocket if necessary.
3. Cut 4 binding strips (fused fabric) measuring about 1 1/4" wide with a decorative rotary cutter blade. Cut 2 strips the length of the quilt for the side bindings. Cut 2 strips the width of the quilt plus 2" for the top and bottom binding.

4. Place the quilt right side up on the release paper and overlap the side binding about 1/2" on top of the side of the quilt. Fuse-tack into place.
After the fabric cools, remove the quilt from the paper and fold the binding onto the back of the quilt. Fuse-tack into place.
5. Repeat Step 4 for the other side of the quilt.

6. Place the quilt right side up on the release paper and center the top binding strip across the top edge of the quilt. (There will be a 1" flap extending from each end of the quilt.) Overlap the binding about 1/2" onto the top edge. Fuse-tack into place.

7. Remove the quilt from the release paper and cut off 1/2" triangles from the top outside corners of the binding flaps.
8. Fold the 2 side flaps in toward the quilt. Align the fold with the edge of the quilt. Fuse-tack into place.
9. Fold the corner of the binding down to the back edge of the quilt at a 45 angle as if wrapping a package.
10. Fold the rest of the binding down on the back of the quilt. Make sure the corners are crisp and square. Fuse-tack into place.
11. Repeat Steps 6 - 10 for the bottom binding.
 12. Steam set the binding. Stitch the binding by machine or by hand. 
13. Hang your creation on the wall and smile broadly.


Linda said...

Thank you for a great tutorial! I need to buy one of those pinked edge rotary cutters first. Then I'll give this a try. Has a nice look!

Kathleen said...

I'm printing out these directions - looks so much simpler! And btw...thank you so much for being an early riser. I read your blog with my tea at work first thing in the morning and you are always posted for the day already!

Nancy said...

Helpful step-by-steps. Thanks!

WoolenSails said...

Great tutorial for fusing bindings. I always make a border on my quilts and fold them to the backside for my bindings. I find it the easiest and I enjoy whip stitching the backs, even if they are usually wonky;)