Thursday, July 07, 2011

Is Your Name Petunia?

 Ah, the lowly petunia. No doubt the first thing you think of is, "Wow! that would make a great first name for a woman!"
 But in my world the petunia is not just some old ladies first name. No. It is inspiration for the lovely colorway with variations on pink called Petunia.
Mille Fiore (detail)
Here we see a bunch of flowers made with the Petunia colorway. Petunias provide a beautiful scent, a lovely shape, and cheerful color. Wouldn't you want to be named Petunia? (And I can make that nasty remark about old ladies cause I am one.)


KatieQ said...

I might agree with you that Petunia was a good name for a woman if it wasn't the name of my late, lovely but stubborn cat. As a colorway, it is fabulous.

Linda said...

I had petunias on my wedding cake (make of candy clay that looked absolutely real!) I think they are so pretty! (I never had girls, only sons, so I never named a child after them.)Pretty color!