Sunday, July 17, 2011

Is Your Work a Pleasure?

There's nothing like a day in the country to air out your little brain. A little fresh air and stroll through a farm pasture and suddenly you have a whole new take on life.
And it's not just the fresh air that will get your brain moving. Try loading a wagon full of wood. Or, in my case, just admire the color and texture of a rusty wagon full of wood.

Maybe you put up some fencing. Or maybe you enjoy a still life composition of objects found in the tall grass and leave the fencing for another day.

Its a great day to admire the patterning on the surface of the corn bin and the shadows cast by the sun.

This is my kind of farming. Enjoying the scenery without the work!
It's like making a quilt for pleasure rather than warmth. Hope your day is full of pleasure and warmth!


Patty said...

I so much understand your country inspirations as I constantly sketch
as we head to Lancaster, Pa to camp each fall. The fields, structures and growing things all inspire me to use new shapes and colors. Yes, a road trip can feed new work!

WoolenSails said...

I would love to go for a walk, but too hot for the woods and too crowded for the beaches. One of these days I want to walk through our old village and side streets and get some photos of the old buildings and use them in pieces.


Beth in IL said...

You remind me to take my camera and take pictures. Lots! Who knows where inspiration will come from next.