Monday, July 04, 2011

Need a Little Sweetness in Your Life?

Candy Corn
My new fabric and thread colorway is so tasty you could eat it or at least make some art with it. Candy Corn colors stretch from a sweet yellow to gold, honey, brass, and finally cocoa. Yum!
Candy Corn makes excellent thread for your spools.
 My method of naming things is to base the name on something I love, like Rhubarb, Burnt Marshmallows, and now Candy Corn. But this is not Candy Corn with the traditional orange stripe. No! Not for me! This is Candy Corn with the brown stripe, cause that's how I roll!

And now a very important question. What's the name for those who name things, like a person whose job it is to name colorways of fabric? Are they nameologists? 


Pamela said...

Before I even had breakfast you had me curious about the "naming job"! From this article ( it seems that the job title is Color and Design Manager - I know .. not a very colorful name.
..Now to breakfast!

Gene Black said...

In A wind in the door By Madeleine L'Engle, Proginoskes was a Namer. Maybe that is fine thing to call someone who names.
simple and concise.

Nancy said...

Love this colorway of thread, and the name fits perfectly. I love to name things, and will name people's quilts for them if they don't watch out. I would say that a nameologist would be called Marketing Guru. And speaking of names, we saw an ad in the paper today for landscaping service called "Mr. Mow-it-All". That's right up there with Candy Corn in my book.

:Diane said...

Titlist. Pronounce it carefully.

Marcia W. said...

I like "namer" yet think it could be a nametologist too.