Sunday, July 03, 2011

Our Lucky Blog Blob Winner

Thread Woman trying to blend in with some fabric.
The winner of our first Free on Friday's give-away (as determined by our random number generator called "my neighbor") is Maggie. Maggie I now crown thee, Thread Woman!
What a lucky person to have won these fantastic blobs of thread ravelings. Can't wait to see what she makes with them. Stay tuned for next Friday's give-away. I promise it will not disappoint.
Meanwhile, back in the dye studio, I continue to create lots of colorful fabric. The stacks are slowly reaching to the ceiling! Any volunteers to iron this stuff?


Greenmare said...

if your studio has AC I would be more than happy to come iron!!!

Linda said...

Sorry! I live a little too far away or I would help!

Sally Westcott said...

I live a bit too far away too! But if you could came here and sort my stash room out just like yours I will happily iron all that beautiful fabric! Just don't give me the jeans unlessyou want them cut up first!


WoolenSails said...

Love the shades, lots of beautiful colors.
I need to try some dying, bought some kona white at jo anns to try.


Marybeth said...

I would come and iron if I could watch you work all day in the studio..I'd even keep my mouth shut and let you work in "piece 'n quilt"....that's a promise!!

Maggie Szafranski said...

Thank you! I would come help you iron!