Saturday, July 23, 2011

Want a Free Education?

Chicago School of Fusing Rowenta Sports Arena
Would you like a free education? Then check out the C&T Digital Lounge for lots of great info on the latest in surface design, quilting, and mix media. You can watch a past show on silk screening by Ryna Gillman or tools of the trade with Jan Krentz and Peggy Martin.
Frieda giving me a hard time.
 And guess who will be on August 3? The famous Frieda Anderson will be the guest. As Dean of Technology at the Chicago School of Fusing she is a wealth of information. Tune in and hear her pearls of wisdom live. You can ask her questions and give her a hard time. It'll be fun!

And now for our Free on Fridays winner. The lucky lint winner is Gabriela Rocco Gaudet from Ohio! Congratulations Gabriela!


Gabriela said...

Thank you Laura!I am so excited to try something new with it!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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