Saturday, July 02, 2011

What a Year Will Teach You

 In looking at my blog archives from a year ago, I discovered a horrible truth: I still struggle to select the right embroidery stitch for the right area of the quilt. 

Will this nightmare never end!
So, as a reminder, here are a few guidelines.  Dear self, try this:
1. Start with the focal point of the design and stitch it first. That way you get all the important stitching done and don't over-stitch an unimportant part of the quilt (and then have to balance the composition out by over-stitching the confounded focal point!)

2. Add accent marks with the thread that help define the shape. Like adding a French Knot to act as a doorknob so you recognize it as ....... a door.

3. Outline fabric shapes to help the shape and color pop away from the background fabric. You can do this with an Outline Stitch.

4. Build pattern on the surface to create a repetition of motif and help reinforce the theme of the piece like the stitching on these fields. There is the Pistil Stitch, Running Stitch, and Cross Stitch.

5. Add stitches in large open spaces to create movement and texture. The Running Stitch in the background of this quilt swims along with the pattern of the machine stitching and adds an overall texture to the piece.

6. And remember, self, enjoy the process. You can always rip out the stitches if you don't like them.


Patty said...

I was inspired by your article in Art Quilting magazine and here you're
sharing more! Great tips.

Linda said...

Thank you for the pointers! Great tips from a true art!

Nancy B said...

Great synopsis of tips! Thanks!

Bianchii said...

I invite you on my new blog.
Will be a lot of pictures, music, films, cars etc.
It would be nice if you'll visit my blog sometimes :)

juanita said...

Thanks for the good advice. I'm going to try that pistil stitch. Love your colourful work.

WoolenSails said...

Good points to keep in mind while stitching.


Beth in IL said...

Very good advice. I am thinking about an art quilt and will relook at your blog when I get to the stitching part.

Leslie McNeil of MarveLes Art Studios said...

Most EXCELLENT! Thank you SEW much for that post.

Sally said...

When do you add the hand embroidery-before or after quilting?

Sherrie Spangler said...

That's a great pointer to do the focal area first. I always put that part off, with tragic results.

Karen said...

Love your work! Revisiting past works with a fresh eye can be so very helpful - we never stop learning!!

Dianne said...

I struggle with being creative, with doing something "original", your work touches something inside of me that says "Hello, I recognize you, come play". Another voice inside me says "but you could never get it right you are not creative or talented enough". I listened to a TED lecture by Dr Ken Robinson yesterday. He spoke about creativity in our schools or the lack there of. Very interesting stuff. At any rate he said "If you are frightened of being wrong you will never create anyting original". That was a lightbulb moment for me. One of the things I love Love LOVE about your work is that you carry on. If it doesn't work you fix it or try again and again. You have a loving attitude toward yourself and your work, your Art. Thank you for being uniquely wonderfully you, for living in your element and for bringing the light of whimsy and fun to those of us who labour in dark corners afraid to make mistakes. So afraid of being wrong that we don't begin. Here is to new beginnings :0)