Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Are Your Cockles Warm Yet?

It was a cold day in February when Frieda and I traveled to Madison, WI to film 2 episodes of Sewing with Nancy. But our lovely hostess, Nancy Zieman, soon has us thawed out and ready to shoot. Well, Frieda was thawed. I was just ready to shoot.
Our new DVD with Nancy is called Art Quilts- Fusible Collage Workshop. And there is a companion book to go with it called..... Art Quilts- Fusible Collage Workshop. Here you see the cover of both. Frieda's is the little barn quilt on the cover and mine is the basket of flowers.

The DVD and book really are like taking workshops with us (without the singing). We give you lots of good tips and projects that will gladden your heart and warm your cockles if they need warming.

Here's Frieda rehearsing with Nancy on the set. (I am thawing my cockles off stage.) You can find the book and DVD this September at the Quilt Expo in Madison where we are also teaching and vending, and doing the famous Frieda and Laura show called, Two Hot Fuser Chicks. Please come see us!


Relentless Toil said...

How exciting! Is this straight-to-DVD or will your Sewing with Nancy episode be on the air, too?

Hey, you've got a friend in Pennsylvania (that's me). I'm coming to the Mancuso quilt show in Oaks. I'm torn between making a tool of the trade, or making a bird with you. Which one involves more singing?

eily62 said...

I thought there was always a song!
Can't wait to see the book and DVD - saw the show!!!!