Thursday, August 25, 2011

Beware of Flying Hammers! Jewelry Class Day 3

Remind be to wear steel toed boots next time I take a jewelry class. There are lots of hammers and anvils flying around and you never know when your toes will become one with a hammer.

Which leads me to this discovery, I love to pound metal! My favorite part of the workshop with Thomas Mann was stamping the brass sheets with different types of marking chisels (not the right name for the tools, but sure sounds technical, doesn't it?). See this little pin above? It is the center shape cut from the enormous leaf pin I showed you yesterday.

Like using the left over fused fabrics to make this leaf quilt above, the brass leaf cut from the center of the pin instantly became fodder for my next piece of jewelry.

It was great fun pounding the brass like a mad woman. After I pounded it for a while, it was etched with acid and pounded some more. My friend, Debbie, found a great photo from her collection to place behind the  piece. Our first collaboration!

Makes me smile!


Lisa said...

I love these faces you are making with hardware. Will you be stitching them to a quilt perhaps?

Royce said...

I too do quilt/jewelry and love what happens when the lines get crossed.

AVC custom said...

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