Thursday, August 11, 2011

Filming for The Quilt Show: In the Beginning

It's 9:16 am and the crew begins set preparation for the last day of filming of The Quilt Show. Hosted by Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims, The Quilt Show spans the globe delivering much needed quilting information to the masses online.
9:21 am. Ricky and producer, Shelley, explain my duties as guest on the show: laugh at his jokes and appear perky. Perky I can do!
9:32 am. My quilts are put up on the set. I must get a wall, lighting, and camera crew like this in my home!
10:01 am. The audience is ushered into the studio and Alex entertains them with stories of her burping contest with Justin. It is fascinating!
10:16 am. Justin prepares to film an introductory piece. I assume it doesn't involve belching. All is ready for the shoot.
10:34 am. A rabbit explains the camera action before the tape starts rolling. I later learn that he is really a member of the crew.
Stay tuned tomorrow for more photos of Filming at The Quilt Show!


Jackie said...

I love your synopsis of the preparation! Sounds like fun!

Gene Black said...

How fun! Wish I had been there.

Sequana said...

Admit it. You would have liked it better had it been a REAL rabbit! :)

Linda said...

You're so funny! They need you as a regular on the show!!

mika said...

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