Monday, August 08, 2011

Have You Lost Your Stitching Mojo?

Bird and Dragonfly sans stitching.
It's time for me to hand stitch a stack of little quilts. This is an excellent pass time for evening TV watching. Not only do I get to ignore what's on the tube but I get to rest my feet at the same time!

So as I sit here and look at my quilt, like you I'm wondering where do I begin? It's too scary! Have I lost my Stitching Mojo?

In a stoke of genius, I refer to my own book, Fanciful Stitches, Colorful Quilts. (Cause to be honest, my brain is like a sieve. Only the gritty stuff is left.) There's a chapter called: Couching Thread, Hidden Needle, a refresher course in hand stitching a fused art quilt.

Bird and Dragonfly with stitching. Much better.
Here's a quick list to review before starting to stitch:
  • First determine what the focal point is and start there.
  • Choose thread colors and sizes that will outline the subject, add accents, help define the shape, add texture, add pattern.
  • Pick out the right needle for the thread.
  • Refer to the diagrams in the book for how to make certain stitches.
  • Look at photos in the book of the different stitches to see how I used them on the quilt.
Oh! So that's what I wrote! Excellent advice!


Debbie said...

Perfect, Laura! It's always amazing to see what the stitching does for the piece. Thanks for showing it.

Sequana said...

Having just picked up embroidery again, this is the kind of "eye" that I need.

I need to work smaller for a little while, I think.

MarĂ­a Cristina said...

Gracias por sus consejos Laura!!
Muy buen lunes!!

Linda said...

Oh, if only I had written a book back when I was a teenager and knew everything! :o)
Great stitching, by the way! I love little bird!

WoolenSails said...

I love doing hand work while I watch tv, though that might be the reason I mess up a lot, lol.


Gari said...

I have a question. Do you find hand stitching difficult on fused projects?

Laura Wasilowski said...

Hi Gari,
I can stitch through 3 - 4 layers of fused fabric. Just be sure to steam set the glue for 10 seconds and use the right needle for the right thread. You may want to check out the Threaducation page on this blog for more information.
Thanks for stopping by!

Greenmare said...

What I have lost is my FINISHING Mojo! I'm working this month on finishing things that I have started and my goal is to NOT start something else new. (failed already shh)

eily62 said...

I just made your piece really big on the monitor so I could see what you had done!! Can you do all or most of that in one evening? Everywhere I look I find more stitiches- and they add so much to the feel and look.

Connie said...

Your embroidery adds so much! Great work.