Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Soft Person in a Hard World: Day 2

Taking a jewelry class with Thomas Mann was a real eye opener. The first skill we learned was how to cut shapes from plexi-glass and brass plates using a jeweler's saw (sort of like a coping saw but with a finer blade).

After an hour of sawing small shapes with a tiny blade my hands ached, my eyes twitched, and my jaw throbbed from gritting my teeth. But soon I discovered the similarity between quilt making and jewelry making. You start by cutting out shapes. Those shapes become elements of your composition.

In the afternoon we learned how to attach the plexi-glass and metal shapes together making a sandwich. Sandwich, Again, we have a connection to the quilt world!

After drilling holes for rivets and screws, my plexi and metal bits were assembled into this leaf pin above. No one in the world has a bossom large enough to accommodate this enormous pin. But my first piece of jewelry is created for a giant woman!

My friend Debbie made this lovely pin. Not only is the design tastier but it will fit on the standard bossom.



Lisa said...

Hahahaha! You should post a picture of the pin on someone so we can see just how enormous it is! Perhaps you have a drag queen friend that would enjoy it? ;)

Sewconsult said...

Definitely going out of your usual fair. I like the big guy, but also like the doughnut pin. Fun!