Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Why I Like Chairs

Blue Chip Chair
A key to working in a series when making art is to choose subject matter that you love and can live with for a long time.

Blue Electric Chair
It's sort of like marriage. The more time you spend with the subject, the better you know the the subject. (And some would say, the more you grow to resemble each other. But I digress.)
Blue Chair in the Library with a Candlestick
One of my favorite subjects to depict in my art work is my blue chair. There is something about a chair that is very welcoming. They emit this friendly greeting that says, "Come sit with me for a while."
Nude Blue Chair Reclining
 They hold their arms out and say, "Put your feet up. Take a load off. Rest a while with me."

Do you work in a series? What is your subject or topic or muse? Do you have a talking chair too?


Musicmaker said...

As I read your post, the notion that working in a series needs as its subject something you love really resonated with me. I've tried to do art in a series but never seem to finish them, until I started making portraits of Boxers, both mine and others'. The funny thing is - I haven't done a "Wasilowski style" fused - and now I think I'd better get to it!

gatheredthreads said...

I have just started working in a series with some little doodle creatures I draw: http://blog.gatheredthreads.com/2011/07/life-study-1.html

gatheredthreads said...

Posted too soon! I have found your fusible tips to be invaluable, thank you! I finally managed to get some wonder under while on a trip (can't find it locally), and am much happier with that.

Leslie McNeil of MarveLes Art Studios said...

Those are good thoughts... I think I have to think about a favorite subject! Thanks.

Gayle from MI said...

I have been uninspired to work in a series thus far. Still running around trying to put out fires with deadlines. Maybe that's a good thought for next year. Don't make any "have to" pieces.

WoolenSails said...

I seem to be fixated on cats, lol.


TheaM said...

does a pillow that calls to me at bedtime qualify? lol

I love your chair series - that chair speaks to me through you, Laura!

Trish Williams said...

Love your post on series, love your blue chairs and I love doing series in my work as well. Thank you for sharing.

susan said...

Good morning Laura! I tend to get stuck in serious mode and I love reading your blog, and your creative silliness makes me laugh while I gawk at your ideas. Today what caught my eye is the pink behind the blue chair. It resembles polka dots without having to cut circles! Clever idea my friend, clever idea! I have never worked in a series, and now you've got me thinking... what calls out to me besides the projects that need to get finished...thanks so much for your blog!

Anonymous said...

I love your work, Laura and I also love your delightfully playful nature. Thank-you for the good things you remind me of like that comfortable chair. (You aren't like a chair...that sounds wrong...but the comfort and welcolm of the chair, yes!) Please show us more of these lovely things through your work.

Greenmare said...

oh my gosh, I blogged about this a few years ago, I probably have 20 chairs that I just love. I was afraid it might be odd to have this fascination with chairs, but I got a lot of (positive) comments on that chair post! and p.s. I have always totally understood your blue chair quilts!