Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fowl Play Bird Lovers Unite!

This class is so fun! I always enjoy teaching the Fowl Play: Birds With No Egrets workshop. Here you see Sara, a happy student at Penn National proudly showing us her bird. Isn't this a fun quilt!
The idea behind the class is to give you a set of patterns for your basic bird parts: body and wings. Then you are on your own! (I leave the room and go shopping at the vendor mall and return in 4 hours with 10 bags and a bad back.)
During the class you decide on what type of setting your fowl inhabits. Your bird may wade in the water, sit on a branch, or fly through the garden. You are the master of your own bird!

Here we see Keet. (What a great name for a bird artist!) Keet brought her own lovely sketch of a bird design to class. Isn't this sweet? Its a sweet tweet. Thanks Keet and Sara for sharing your work with us. We'll see more tomorrow!


WoolenSails said...

Now I want to go and make a happy bird quilt;)



Siempre es un placer ver los maravillosos trabajos logrados en sus

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