Friday, September 09, 2011

Guest Artist: She Creates and Writes About Creating

Isn't this a cute little quilt? The maker, Louise, was in my Four Little Landscapes class earlier this year. Well, the rest of the class was making four little landscapes. Louise quilts to her own drummer and made these plant vignettes instead. That's the thing about getting a bunch of artists together in your classroom. You have to be prepared to stand back and let them create or you'll get run over.
This is the back of Louise's quilt. She says she keeps a quilt journal about the trials and successes,  ideas and things completed. I keep a sketchbook with ideas but never thought of writing about my trials and successes. Do you keep a journal about your art? If so, what type of things do you record?


Margaret said...

Well...I keep a journal, but not specifically about my art. That said, I often record in said journal what I'm working on and what I plan to work on next (yes, I make lists!). I also sometimes doodle/sketch out an idea or record an inspiring quote, and then find I have to put a wee sticky note at the top of the page to remind me where to look for the sketch or quote when I'm ready for it. Otherwise it gets lost in the general journalling. (I write 3 pages a day, a la Julia Cameron.)

TheaM said...

I've tried (many many times) to keep a consistent art journal... but I find it difficult to anything all that consistently.

...and I do see a little landscape quilt in the middle of that trio...

always nice to see what others do in your classes!


WoolenSails said...

I like the idea of doing vignettes, and was thinking that would be a nice thing to make for my daughter's place, with fun flowers in each one.


Sylvia said...

Louise is my very best friend in this whole world, and she's so inspiring to me. We're polar opposites and she gets me out of my traditional rut! As did Laura's class. I highly recommend them. Sooo much fun!