Monday, September 12, 2011

Is It Wrong to Play Favorites?

This week I am teaching 3 of my favorite classes at the Pennsylvania National Quilt Expo. What makes them favorites? They involve design themes that are near and dear to my heart: leaves, birds, and sewing tools. Add chocolate and my life is complete!
Unless you have been in a workshop where everyone makes their own version of a bird, you have not lived. The Fowl Play class I teach always yields the wackiest birds doing the strangest things. Students have a great time! Here you see the Kentucky Bourbon Warbler singing to the sun.
For those of you who are more sedate and refined, perhaps the Tools of the Trade class is for you.  And for those who fall somewhere in between (a little flamboyant but able to control yourself) the Colorful Leaves class is ideal.

So join me at Penn National. Wacky or subdued, I'd love to see you!


Nancy said...

These workshops look like great fun. Enjoy yourself, and enjoy the show. I attended two years back, and it was one of my favorite shows. So much to see and shop!

Audrey said...

My sister, who reads your blog and is still trying to get her husband to iron her quilt fabrics, convinced me, my BFF and my SIL to take your Colorful Leaf worshop. We welcome any opportunity for a "girls' weekend away". We will see you on Sat.!

Relentless Toil said...

I am playing hooky from work Friday to be in FOWL PLAY! Can't wait to see you.

strat said...

My friend admired your post. He was also inspired to do it.