Thursday, September 08, 2011

Why We are Hot Fuser Chicks

This evening Frieda Anderson and I will be giving a lecture called "Two Hot Fuser Chicks" at the Quilt Expo in Madison. Here you see us being hot. Eat your heart out Paris Hilton.

You may not know this but it's really hard to come up with titles for classes and lectures and even quilt titles. Sometimes you have to sit around and giggle for hours before you finally come up with something as enticing as "Hot Fuser Chicks".

And sometimes you come up with a great title and then have to make the quilt. For instance, the title of this quilt is Waffle Irons. First came the title, then I made the quilt. I mean when you have a great title like that you just can't waste it!

And that's what makes me a Hot Fuser Chick.


Gene Black said...

Sorry, I almost didn't read your post. Why? Because the picture at the beginning inspired lust in my heart.

Don't get all excited! Ha ha..I am lusting after your jacket. Did you construct if from your fabric OR did you buy a jacket and dye it? I NEED one!

Laura Wasilowski said...

Dear Gene,
At my age inspiring lust is such a rare thing I had to look up the meaning of the word in the dictionary.
But to your question regarding the shirt I am wearing. It is a white cotton shirt that I over dyed in the same way I dye my fabric. We usually sell them when vending at the IQF in Houston. So if you are interested please come and lust over them there.

WoolenSails said...

I need to go through the fusibles I have and remember what each one does. I like the heavier for machine quilting and the thinner for hand, but I also have one sided ones, etc, so need to see what I have.


Sherrie Spangler said...

Speaking of lust, your new book was being lusted over at yesterday's Gig Harbor quilt guild. They're going to use it next month for a program on making fabric postcards.

susan said...

I see the resemblance! Love the fun you two must have!
Gig Harbor quilt guild? I'm your neighbor! I'll have to come for a visit!