Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Who Are These People and What Have They Done!

You never know who will turn up in your booth when your vending. Here we see our friends from Wisconsin Public TV, Kerman and Laurie, at the recent Quilt Expo in Madison. They (and a few other people) are the reason that the film, The Art of Quilting, is so very popular.

Warning! If you go to this link for The Art of Quilting you will see a very bad picture of me. Don't go there!

Chicago School of Fusing members, Frieda, Emily, Melody, and myself appeared in a segment of the Art of Quilting in 2007. To this day, people still mention this film and how much  they loved it. That's all thanks to Kerman and Laurie and the great folks at Wisconsin Public TV. Have you seen the Art of Quilting?


WoolenSails said...

We used to get those shows, then cable took them away. I always love the craft shows, sometimes we like to make art pieces and small things, so they were great inspiration.


ruzzel01 said...

Isn't that fun joining and having a coffee with the old fellows.
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