Monday, October 24, 2011

Guest Artist: From Way Up North

Garden of Eden by Norma
It was great fun teaching at Quilting on the Waterfront in Duluth MN. Not only was I able to speak my native tongue (Minnesotan) but I met some wonderful people. Above you see a quilt by one of those wonderful people, Norma.

Norma made this in the Garden of Eden class and managed to get it stitched and bound too.  Isn't it stupendous! Thanks Norma for sharing your work with us.


Norma Riehm said...

Thank you Laura for sharing my little class project on your blog. I hate having ufo's, so I had to save this from a prospective isolation in the pile of undones. Your class was stupendous.

shirley said...

thank you for sharing this beautiful work I just love the colours. I am not a quilter but am in awe of ladies who do quilt.

WoolenSails said...

Beautiful piece and I love the quilting she did on it.


Joyce Q said...

Beautiful, Norma! How fun!