Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Meet the Graduates with a Minor in Zen Doodle Quilts

Renee, a Focus Group member and Master Zen Doodler
It was great fun visiting the Cabarrus Quilters (also known as my Focus Group) in North Carolina.These brave people are the first to take the Zen Doodle Quilt class I developed just for these brave people.
Pat's design and execution of her Zen Doodle
All in all I'd say it went well. There were no major calamities, disasters, or melt downs. And as you know, there is no crying in fusing, so that was good.
Karen's doodle and quilt design in progress
And the artwork they produced from their own doodles turned out extremely well. Yes, I am proud to say they are now all graduates of the Chicago School of Fusing with a Minor in Zen Doodling. A degree I am sure they will treasure for years to come. Thanks Cabarrus Quilters for hosting me!


Susan said...

Oh my...that looks like so much fun!

Meet The Art Quilt Girls said...

Laura, Thank you for a wonderful class. Not only did we learn - Oh So Very Much! We had so much fun as well. We will send you pictures of our finished pieces as soon as we can get them done. Travel Safe