Sunday, October 30, 2011

We Should Have a Little Chat

Shy and retiring types, Ricky Tims and me.
It is opening day at the International Quilt Market in Houston and the excitement is a little too much for us shy and retiring types. Like the Oscars of the quilt industry, everyone is here. From publishers like C&T to AccuQuilt die cutters, to The Quilt Show folks and every fabric company you can think of, we have all gathered in honor of the quilt.

The best part is visiting with friends you see but once a year.

The worst part is standing all day long cause you are visiting with friends you see but once a year.

Our little nesting bird has the right idea. She cuddles in her warm nest and watches the moon rise.
And she is thinking, "Some popcorn would be nice. Where can I get some popcorn."

If you have popcorn and are attending Market in Houston, please stop by our booth #1015. There you'll see my new pattern for Nesting Bird and we can talk about our sore feet together.


Mommarock said...

Next year, go with a beach theme.. and pull up a booth with a beach chair and tadaa.. put yourself in a beach chair right there in front :) It is part of the "feel" of the booth to have you in a brightly colored beach wrap/hat sitting in your beach chair greeting everyone. Tadaa (so smart) LOL.

Nancy said...

You shy and retiring types need to push yourself a bit .... get out a little more. Enjoy.

WoolenSails said...

I wish I could stop by, would be fun to see all the new things and visit with friends.


Gene Black said...

Yes, I am surprised that you and Ricky can even do a presentation as you are both so shy and demure. Yeah, right! LOL

Sandra said...

Oh I think the beach theme is a great idea or garden hammock would be even better ... causal dress and birkenstocks.
Now please, be brave and step out of your shell.
ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sewconsult said...

Or, a First Aid station theme! You know, bandaids and ointment for blistered feet, some tiny bottles of water, labeled "tonic" for whatever ails you.

Love the nesting bird.