Sunday, November 20, 2011

Guest Artists: Wavy and Happy and a Warning!

Crown by Beth
We have 3 guest artists today with really wonderful stuff ! This crown by Beth of MN was made with Susan Cleveland's prairie points technique, Artfabrik hand dyed fabrics, and my embroidery threads. She said the hand stitchery was inspired by my new book Fanciful Stitches, Colorful Quilts. Not sure what inspired the crown design. Unless Beth is a member of the royal family!
by Donaleen
My friend, Donaleen is going gang busters! Here is an image of one of her early flower quilts. She has many more flower and chicken quilts planned. Donaleen begins by picking out the fabrics, fusing them, and free-cutting shapes. The best part about this technique for her, she says, is that she can move the cut shapes around to form her composition unlike in drawing.
Quilt by Karen
And here is a delightful quilt from Karen, who took my Garden of Eden class in Duluth at Quilting by the Waterfront. The grass is one piece of fabric that she free-cut into a grassy hill. Notice how she let the fabric do the work by using the gradation of the green to blue/green fabric. Students start with the same colors but soon design their own quilts that reflect their personalities. Looks like Karen is very free and happy!
What will this become? Stay tuned for Monday's blog!
Beginning tomorrow, I'd like to show you how free and happy I am too! I'll show you how I go about making an art quilt from start to finish. You can follow along and make your own version of the same quilt if you like.

Warning: there is no pattern, only free-cutting of shapes.

See you then!

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Hola Laura!!!
Un gusto ver los trabajos de sus amigos tan creativos y con hermosos colores.
Espero ver su proyecto del lunes!!
Un abrazo!!