Friday, November 25, 2011

Hot Make an Improvised Art Qult: Day 5...Inspiration!

Inspiration strikes! As the creation of my improvised art quilt made from fused fabric scraps continues, I make even more .... fused fabric scraps. That's where the narrow strips of salmon/pink fabric come from that are placed above each trumpet flower. Those strips are the cut-aways from the trumpet flowers.
After cutting the strips to size and fusing them into place above each flower, the creation of leaves begins. Each leaf, large or small, is free-cut from that same green silk fabric found in the pot and stems. (My bag o'scraps runneth over with green silk fabric.)
Tiny leaves are placed on the quilt top using a pair of tweezers. Tweezers have saved many a fumbling moment when handling small pieces of fabric. It's like having robot hands without the whirring sound.
The release paper has been removed from the rim of the pot so larger leaves can be tucked under the rim and fused-tacked into place. The addition of that decorative strip of salmon/pink along the rim of the pot really helps define the shape. And even though the leaves look sort of ill defined, I know hand stitchery can help them.

Please return tomorrow to see more improvisation in the studio!



Me gusta mucho ver los cambios, realmente inspiradores!!
Gracias Laura!!!

WoolenSails said...

It is amazing what you can do when you improvise, the piece is looking beautiful.


Janelle said...

You free cut shapes way better than I do. I guess I need to practice this skill. I like how this little quilt is coming along.